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At A.K. McCallum Co. We Buy Boat Seats By The
Truck Load And Pass The Savings Along To You.
All Seats Are On Display In Our Store.
To Place An Order Call 1-800-682-2628. We Ship Daily Via UPS. 

A.K. McCallum Co. Not Only carries the Largest Selection Of Jon Boats, Trailers, and Smaller Yamaha and Tohatsu Outboards In The South, But  Also The South's Largest Selection Of Marine Accessories.

Here Is A Sample Of some Of The Over 1,000 Boat Seats A.K. Has In Stock At Prices You Can't Beat.

Boat Seats
Features: rugged one-piece plastic seat
Colors: white, green, gray
Model: Action 5450

A.K.'s price $17.99

  Features: fold-down plastic seat
Colors: white, green, gray, acorn
Model:Wise 138LS

A.K.'s price $31.99

  Features: fold-down plastic seat with vinyl pads
Colors: green/sand, green/green, gray/gray
Model: Wise 139LS

A.K.'s price $47.99

Chestnut Seat with Swivel Seat Clamp (Fits Most Bench Seats 8" to 16")

AK's Price $47.99
(Compare at $56.99)

        Features: deep padded upholstered seat with diamond pattern and plastic base
Colors: green, gray, brown, light blue, white

A.K.'s price $57.99
(AK's Most Popular Seat)

Tempress Model # 45613

This seat offers Tempress quailty at a lower price. Perfect for an O.D. Jon Boat.

AK's Price $89.99

  Econ Fold Down Seats

Colors: Chestnut, Navy, Blue, Charcoal, White & Gray.

AK's Most Popular Series Of Seat

AK's Price: $34.99 

  Econo High Back Seats

16" Wide x 14" Deep x 21" High

Three Color
Gray, White, Gold

AK's Price $36.99
(Compare At.$ 49.99

Econo High Back Seats

16" Wide x 14" Deep x 21" High

Three Color Combos'
Red/Gray, Dark Gray/Gray, Brown/Tan

AK's Price $36.99
(Compare At.$ 49.99

        Big Man (Extra Wide & Comfortable)
Red/Gray , White, Blue.

AK's Price $69.99
(Compare at $99.99)


      Tempress Nav Style Low Back

Perfect match for our Alweld Marsh boats and Some Express boats.

Tan & Sand



A.K.'s Price $109.99


  Crestliner Factory Seat

High quality factory seat.

Lite Gray, Gray, Black



AK's Price $89.99
Compare at $159.99


Lowe Factory Seat

A full sizebucket seat that is about 22" wide, Excellent for drivers and passengers seat for bass boats.

A.K.'s Price $99.99
Compare at 199.00

  Lowe Two Piece Seat

This seat is used on boats that have a bottom seat mounted to a flip-up storage box. Back of seat is mounted permanent.

A.K.'s Price $39.99
Compare at 139.33

All-Weather High Back Seat
Tempress Model # 45616

AK's Price $89.99

  Tempress Model # 48600

AK's Price $99.99

  Low-back Navistyle™
Tempress Model # 54672

AK's Price $109.99

Tempress Model # 48602

AK's Price $99.99


  Low-back Navistyle™
Tempress Model # 54672

AK's Price $109.99


  Low-back Navistyle™
Tempress Model # 54681

AK's Price $109.99


The High-back Navistyle™
Tempress Model # 54913

AK's Price $119.99


  Wise Small Bucket Seat

This seat is used as drivers & passengers seat on many bass boats. 21" wide & 16" wide inside. Sand, Gray, White, Gray/Blue/Navy.

AK's Price $84.99
(Regular Price $189.99)

  Wise Model # 120 Large Bucket Seat

Used on many pontoon boats & crusiers as Captain Seats.

26" wide & 21" wide inside. Gray, Blue, Navy

AK's Price $99.99
(Compare at $249.99)

Full Size Seat
Thick cushion
16 1/2" Wide
20" Overall Height

3 Colors
Gray, White, & Navy

AK's Price  $44.99

  Full Size Seat
Two tone with higher back than most.
16 1/2" Wide
21" High
Bottom cushion about 5" thick.

Gray & Blue

AK's Price $46.99

  Flip Flop Cooler Seat
NEW for 2015

Dark green base, black aluminum ams, Hidden Creek Camo.

Max Width 30"
Cushion deeper than most at 19", 25" Wide

AK's Price 389.99

Advantage Camo Fold Down

AK's Best Value In A Camo Seat


AK's Price $44.99
(Compare At $59.99)

  Camo Seats

Three Different Models With Various Patterns

AK's Price: $47.99

  Wise WD726

Delux Camo Seat.
Max4 Break-Up or All Purpose Camo
(Used as factory seat on many new boats)

AK's Price $84.99
Compare at $119.99


All-Weather High Back Seat
Tempress Model # 45623
Shadow Grass Vinyl

AK's Price $99.99

  All-Weather High Back Seat
Tempress Model # 45622
Break-Up Vinyl

AK's Price $99.99


  Tempress Model # 45630 Shadow Grass

Asharp looking seat with a black insert. Used by many builders on their 2013 & 2014 boats.

AK's Price $129.99

Tempress Mossey Oak High Back

One of the most popular seats from Tempress.

AK's Price $139.99

  Tempress Allweather High Back

Shadowgrass (Condura) used a the factory seat for older Roughneck & GIII boats.

AK's Price $89.99

  Wise Model 617 Camo Seat

A full sized high back seat

Max 3 or Breakup


AK's Price $69.99

Crestliner Factory Seat

Large Plush Camo Seat. Vinyl

Mossy Oak Breakup

AK's Price $119.99

  Crestliner Low Back Fold Down

Has non skid on the back of seat step on if needed. 17" Vinyl.

Mossy Oak Breakup

AK's Price $79.99
Cpmpare at 129.99

Wise WD 156C

70 Qt. Swing Back
Max 4 Camo

AK's Price $399.99
Compare at $499.99

  Heavy Duty Molded Pilot Chair
with Deluxe Padded Seat and Back

AK's Price $139.99
(Compare at $169.99)


  White Flex Captains Chair with Arms
Overall Width 26"


AK's Price $199.99
(Compare at $259.99


Wise Model # 1004-710

White Captain's Chair & Heavy Duty Pedestal.

17" high with locking swivel system.

AK's Price 159.99
(Compare at $249.99

  Wise 1179-10

White Captain's Chair with Cushion. More comfortable with thicker cushion. Features a 17" high Heavy Duty Pedestal that has a locking swivel as well a a locking slide that offers 6" of forward to aft movement.

AK's Price 199.99
(Compare at $299.99) 

Moeller Flip Flop Seat

AK's Price
50 Qt.  30" Wide $349.99
72 Qt.  36" Wide $369.99


  Folding Deck Chair
Marlin Design
Perfect for Extra Seating or Lounging

AK's Price $169.99
(Compare at $199.99)

48" Folding Bench Seat
Tempress Model # 54841
Light Gray

AK's Price $299.99

        AK's Magic Seat Mount
Designed by AK's staff to fit almost any type Jon boat seat (except one with a lip or overhang). Manufactured from .125 gauge aluminum. 131/2" long, 8" wide, and 2 " high.
(Mount Seat to Top and Rivet or Screw Seat mount To Boat Seat)

A.K.'s Price $29.99


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