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Bearing Buddy II
Prevents trailer wheel bearing failure
This is the original bearing protector that ends the mess of repacking bearings. It also keeps water out of hubs and makes boat trailer wheels safely submersible.

Model 1980 1” (Fits outer bearing L44643)
Model 1781 3/4” (Fits outer bearing LM11949)
(Fits 95% of Boat Trailers)
Other sizes available.

Features Blue Ring to control filling and includes bras

Retail $27.99

A.K.’s price $21.99


Bearing Buddy Bra
This plastic cover keeps grease off trailer wheels when bearings are overpacked with grease. They are available in 3/4” and 1” sizes.

Retail $3.99

A.K.’s price $3.49


Tie Down Straps
These easy to use straps are a must for safe trailering of your boat. These two inch wide straps will keep your boat secure.
8’-10’ $12.99, 12’-13’ $13.99, 16’-18’ $14.99


Tongue Jacks
We carry one model of back-saving tongue jacks. The Fulton Eclipse is a new economy model swing-away jack with a corrosion resistant zinc finish. It is rated at 800 lb. capacity, has up to 25” of lift, fits trailer tongues up to 3”x5” and comes with a 6” reinforced poly wheel.

A.K.’s price $34.99


Spare Tire Assemblies
We carry a complete line of bias ply spare tires to fit most any trailer. These premounted assemblies are ready to go and are priced very reasonably. Don’t be left stranded while searching for these hard-to-find spares. Be prepared!  

Bias PlyTire Assemblies
  Painted Rim Galvanized Rim
4.80x8B $33.99 $38.99
5.70x8B $46.99 $51.99
20.5x8x10B $86.99 $93.99
4.80x12B $61.99 $66.99
5.30x12B $67.99 $72.99

Lug Pattern

Galvanized Rim

ST175/80D13 B78X13C 5Lug $104.99
ST185/80D13 C8X13C 5 Lug $114.99
ST205/75D14 F78x14C 5Lug $124.99
ST215/75D14 G78X14C 5 Lug $129.99
ST205/75D15 F78x15C 5 Lug $149.99
ST225/75D15 H78x15C 5 Lug $154.99


Radial Tire Assemblies
  Lug Pattern Galvanized Rim
ST175/80R13C 5 Lug $124.99
ST205/75R14C 5 Lug $144.99
ST215/75R14C 5 Lug $154.99
ST205/75R15C 5 Lug $164.99

*Other Sizes In Stock


 AK's Best Seller
Roller Style Boat Guide On

Makes boat loading easier. Heavy-duty galvanized steel construction with non-marking 9” rubber roller and end caps already assembled. Height approximately 20” with side adjustment out to 13”. Sold in pairs. Extra solid mounting for up to 4-1/4” trailer frames included. Posts are pre-punched to accept P/N 27630A for raised mounting of taillights.

A.K.’s price $104.99 pr.


Post Style Boat Guide On
Easy to see when backing & centering boat on trailer. Galvanized steel guide-on posts are covered with high quality PVC tube to protect boat. Sold in pairs. Hardware for up to 4-1/4” trailer frames included.




40” H adj. out to 13” $79.99 pr.
60” H adj. out to 19” $99.99 pr.


Short Bunk Guide On
Same solid construction as Shipshape’s large model, these short bunk guide-ons are just right for positioning any boat trailer. Bunk is 24” long, covered with deluxe marine carpet, and will adjust to angle of your boat. Posts and mounting brackets are galvanized for rust protection. Height of 21” with side adjustment out to 13” from frame. Mount on top of frame for extra height. Sold in pairs. Hardware for up to4-1/4” frames included. Posts are pre-punched to accept P/N 27603A light brackets for raised mounting of taillights.

 A.K.’s price $104.99 pr.


Bunk Board Style Guide On
Carpeted bunk boards cradle boat and provide proper center loading even in wind or side current conditions. Boards tilt to hug hull. Posts of 1-1/2” steel tubing and all mounting brackets are galvanized for rust protection. Marine grade 2” x 4” x 5 ft. boards covered with high grade marine carpet Distance between upright post can be adjusted to fit trailer. Height 21”, with side adjustment out to 13”. Can be mounted on top of frame for extra height. Sold in pairs. Hardware for up to 4-1/4” frame included. Posts are pre-punched to accept P/N 27630A light brackets for raised mounting of taillights. Sold in pairs.

A.K.’s price $144.99 pr .


Bolts directly on to carpeted bunk boards. 
Fits 2’x6’ or 2’x4’ standard bunk boards. 
Slide on or off with less effort. Easy to install.

Mfg.#      Size
86170     1-3/4”x17” (8 pieces)    $25.99 pack
86164     3”x16” (10 pieces)         $36.99 pack

Self centering bunk glide-on’s w/interlocking modular sections.
Designed to fit various bunk board lengths. 
Ideal for painted, fiberglass or aluminum boats. 
Fits 2x6x8 foot standard bunk boards. 
Kits includes: 4 ea. 3’ sections, 4 ea. 1’ sections and mounting hardware. 
Easy to install.

Mfg. # 86295              $64.99 pack

AK is one of the few places you will find the Dingy Wheels. Perfect for moving the boat around the yard or launching off the bank.
Great for aluminum, fiberglass, wooden transom boats up to about 14' (500 lbs.)
Fold down for moving, fold up and lock after in water

A.K.'s Price $89.99

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